How to banish the winter writing blues


Image credit: Martin Whitehouse

This gorgeous image captured by my husband sums up my week. It has been filled with frosty dog walks, steaming cups of tea and snuggly slippers. At times it has been tricky keeping warm while I’m writing. I love the winter but I admit that even I can’t wait for for the sun to regain its warmth!

While dreaming about summer holidays, I’ve discovered some cracking travel blogs  that are crammed with handy holiday tips. Here are a few of my favourites.



Dotcomgiftshop have just published a piece packed with holiday tips. Choosing your destination, travelling with tots, packing advice and travel essentials are all covered in this practical post.

Need Another Holiday


Travel addict Clare claims that she’s always in need of another holiday. And why not? After all, she is a busy working mum. Clare blogs about her trips to Europe, North America and Africa, as well as how to plan your holiday, renew your passport and travel with a young baby in tow.

This blog’s gorgeous gallery of images alone makes it worth a read. But be warned. Just one visit could result in you booking your next break.

Mums Do Travel


Award winning blogger Gretta writes about travel with and without her two teenage daughters. As I’m off to London with my hubby and teen in a week, I headed straight for  her posts Family friendly places to stay in London and Things to do in London with kids. Perfect. The rest of her blog is  equally family friendly. I’ll be back.

Vagabond Baker


Constant traveller Rachel has seen grizzly bears in Canada, eaten with the Bedouin in Syria and seen the sun rise in Helsinki. Lucky lady!

In 2007, Rachel and her hubby sold their possessions to fund a 14 month trip round the world. Since then, they’ve travelled through Asia by train, explored Scandinavia and camper vanned around New Zealand.

This is a blog bulging with adventure and delicious recipes, as baking is Rachel’s favourite way to relax. Anyone for chocolate Guinness cake with white chocolate frosting?

Ah well, it’s back to copywriting for now. Do let me know if you have any favourite travel blogs. In the meantime, roll on Spring!


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