Top tips for a stress free writing career

Interested in becoming a writer yourself? Here are my top tips for a stress free career.

•Value your skills/experience and avoid accepting ridiculously low pay even when you don’t have much experience. It’s hard to put your prices up once you’ve set a low rate.

•Don’t take on too much at the start. Be realistic. You’ll soon know how much work you can cope with.

•Try to work with people who respect you and don’t let anyone mess you around, as that can be really stressful. I’ve learned this the hard way!

•If it’s possible, try to do your work in a room that you can close the door on, as this will help you to switch off and relax properly when you stop!

•I’ve found quite a few writing gigs on job sites like Indeed, so it’s always worth a look, as remote jobs appear daily. This is where I saw the advert for my first copywriting gig, which led to working with some big brands.

Visit the ProCopywriters website for average copywriting rates and lots of tips from super experienced writers. If you sign up, you’ll be able to list your services in their directory.

• Use Google to find a few local digital agencies and visit their careers pages to find out if they outsource any work. Many agencies accept samples from freelancers.

•Networking with other freelancers is a great way to learn and pick up work, so I’m a member of Freelance Heroes which is a fantastic community on Facebook. I would definitely recommend joining groups like this, as you can ask for advice, share your blog posts and find writing gigs. Make sure you connect with other writers/editors on LinkedIn too.

•Make time to relax properly. Switch off the computer at the end of the day and always take a lunch break. I always allow myself ten minutes to check Facebook and twitter at the start and end of the day, as I can then resist looking when I’m struggling to write!

Do you have any extra tips? Feel free to share them!

Author: Anna Whitehouse

Copywriter and journalist with a side serving of poetry

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